Friday, May 27, 2016

Meditate under the Soul Tree

1. Cypress and cedar trees reduce heat and nourish Yin energy. 2. Willow trees help to expel sick winds, rid the body of excess dampness, reduce high blood pressure, and strengthen the urinary tract and bladder. 3. Elm trees calm the mind and strengthen the stomach. 4. Maple trees chase sick winds and help reduce pain. 5. Locust trees help clear internal heat and help balance the weather of the heart. 6. Banyan trees clear the heart and help to rid the body of dampness 7. Cinnamon trees can clear coldness from the heart and abdomen. 8. Fir trees help clear up bruises, reduce swelling, and heal broken bones faster. 9. Hawthorn trees help aid digestion, strengthen the intestines, and lower blood pressure, 10. Birch trees help clear heat and dampness from the body am: help to detoxify it. 11. Plum trees nourish the spleen, stomach, and pancreas and calm the mind. 12. Fig trees clear excess heat from the body, increase saliva. nourish the spleen. and help stop diarrhea. 13. Ginco trees help strengthen the bladder and alleviate urinary problems in women.

soul tree
mixed media photography, wax on wood panel
© Yuko Ishii

The apple tree symbolizes healing, love and beauty. It is excellent for detoxification, eliminating toxins on all levels and brings spiritual energies. It can also transform negative emotions.
The Ash tree symbolizes strength and a deep understanding of how all things are linked and connected. It unties the past, present and future and the continual cycle of birth and rebirth. It gives harmony, gives a feeling of being in tune and promotes flexibility and security.
The cedar tree reduces turmoil by physically cleansing and bringing a fresh breath of air to anyone resisting a necessary change. It clarifies messages from the higher self and the universe and promotes a peaceful flow.
Beech tree helps to free the mind from limitations and helps you to reconnect with your higher purpose. It gives confidence and hope, it promotes clear self-expression. It also helps relaxation and releases held in trauma.
Blackthorn is also known as "sole” and "la mere du bois” meaning mother of the woods. Its vicious black thorns make it protective and impenetrable; wands that are made of this wood possess great power.
Chestnut harmonizes the flow of energy and helps to ease anxiety caused by contrast and difference. Because it is very grounding it helps promote clarity of mind and intuition and encourages inner peace.
Silver birch symbolizes new starts and beginnings. This is a great healing tree and gives you the ability to experience beauty and tranquility. It helps with the tolerance of others and the self; it is excellent for difficulties with self expression.
Willow teaches you to take control of your destiny. It is particularity good for clearing discontentment with others and yourself. Because it is strongly associated with water, it also strengthens intuition and gives inspiration.
Oak is perhaps one of the most honored healing trees and was once considered the father of mankind. The king of the forest, the roots of the oak are said to extend as far underground as its branches do above, making it a symbol of the law "as above so below” The oak represents stability, strength, protection and teaches persistence and endurance.
Hazel is a tree of immortality and wisdom ad makes an excellent all-purpose wand. It can help to unfold creativity as well as direct inspiration and inner guidance. It gives you the ability to receive and communicate wisdom.

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